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In-Ground Trampoline Installation Services
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Elevate your backyard fun with our in-ground trampoline installation service. Our skilled team is here to deliver a trampoline experience that's not just exciting but also safe and beautifully integrated with your outdoor space. We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge design to create a durable and attractive setup. Our in-ground trampolines are designed to blend seamlessly with your yard, adding both aesthetic appeal and a fantastic play area. Prepare to transform your outdoor area into a hub of activity and enjoyment with our professional in-ground trampoline installation, where safety and style come together perfectly.

Fili Property Maintenance is a local landscaping company based out of Louisville, Ohio and serving Stark County and the surrounding area.  We offer in-ground trampoline installation as one of our outdoor living space services.  If you've been thinking about an in-ground trampoline for your kids to enjoy, we can help!

Why Choose Our In-Ground Trampolines?

Engineered for Strength & Durability: Our trampolines are designed with high-quality European engineering, featuring double-galvanized, high tensile steel tubing, creating a strong and rigid base for superior bounce.

Air X-TREAM™ Jumping Mat Advantage: Enjoy up to 70% more air permeability with our unique jumping mats, offering higher and better jumps with less air resistance.

Safety First: Our trampolines come with extra-wide, high-quality weather-resistant pads, unique safety systems covering springs and frames, and lockable safety entrances, making them one of the safest on the market.

Installation Is Easy And Fast!

The Avyna Advantage™ makes this trampoline one of the easiest in ground installations we’ve seen yet. Rather than older systems that require retaining walls, this ingenious design places the trampoline on a dirt shelf surrounding the hole. This creates a firmer frame experience than its competitors and an improved jump. Best yet, the dirt removal is about ⅓ the amount required by other systems and can easily be done by you or a professional landscaper.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate for your in-ground trampoline then please give us a call 330-904-4196 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away (usually the same day).

How Much Does An In-Ground Trampoline Cost?


Round Pro-Line Avyna Inground Trampoline

Starting @ $2095

This would be for a round trampoline in either 12’, 14’, and 15’ diameter.

Rectangular Pro-Line Avyna Inground Trampoline

Starting @ $2595

This would be for a rectangular 10x14’ or 10x17’ trampoline.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Lifetime Frames: Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime frame warranty.
  • High Quality Steel Springs: Designed for the best bounce experience.
  • Solid Safety Frame Pads: Extra protection and durability.
  • Vented Jump Pads: For optimal air flow and better jumps.

These prices are only ball park figures to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect for the cost of an in-ground trampoline to be installed in your yard.  Your particular trampoline project may vary depending on the site, the specific materials chosen, and the overall scope of work.  If you need a firm price please request a consultation so we can view your potential project, listen to your ideas, and determine the actual scope of work required to complete your in-ground trampoline.

FAQ's About In-Ground Trampolines

An in-ground trampoline is a trampoline installed into a pit dug into the ground, making it level with the lawn or garden surface. This design reduces the visual impact on your landscape and enhances safety by eliminating falls from height.

The installation involves digging a pit to accommodate the trampoline size, ensuring proper drainage to prevent water accumulation, and then setting the trampoline frame into the pit securely.

  • Safety: Lower risk of falling from height.
  • Aesthetics: Blends seamlessly with the landscape.
  • Accessibility: Easier to access, especially for younger children and those with mobility issues.
  • Wind Resistance: Less susceptible to being affected by strong winds.

In-ground trampolines come in various shapes, including round, rectangular, and square, with common sizes ranging from 10 feet to 15 feet in diameter for round trampolines and various dimensions for rectangular ones.

The depth of the pit depends on the trampoline model but typically ranges from 3 to 4 feet. It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific models.

Regular maintenance includes checking for debris in the pit, ensuring the jumping surface is clean and dry, inspecting springs and frame for wear and tear, and verifying that the surrounding area remains stable and level.

Proper drainage is crucial to prevent water from pooling in the pit. This may involve installing a drainage system at the bottom of the pit or ensuring the soil has sufficient drainage capacity.

While in-ground trampolines are safer due to their lower height from the ground, it’s still important to follow safety guidelines such as using safety nets, limiting the number of users at a time, and supervising children during use.

With proper maintenance and care, an in-ground trampoline can last many years. The frame can often come with a lifetime warranty, while the jumping mat, springs, and safety pads may have warranties ranging from 3 to 5 years.

Moving an in-ground trampoline is possible but challenging, as it requires excavating the trampoline and potentially modifying the new site to accommodate the installation.

William Deitrick
November 18, 2023

Always does great work will continue using them in the future

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November 14, 2023

Had a big leaf clean up done by them. Answered the phone straight away, they were straight forward & honest with how they bill, and they showed up they day they said they were going & did a excellent excellent excellency job. I wish more companies had the high end customer service this fella had.

Joe Henderson
November 14, 2023

Jordan and his crew were very professional and did an amazing job on my landscape. He was quick with responding to all my questions and made the billing process easy. He did the job in a very reasonable time with a quote that was competitive with the 2 other companies that came out. I highly recommend Jordan and his crew and will use him in the future.

Dan Libby
November 14, 2023

Hard working and a super clean job. Cost is appropriate for the services provided. The crew always says hello. I have only good results and good things to say about Fili Property Maintenance. I will call on them again next season. They took wonderful care of my parents house as well as mine.

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November 14, 2023

Jordan and his crew was quick to pencil me into their busy schedule and the level of service was nothing short of exceptional. I’d gladly hire them again for fall cleanup.

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November 14, 2023

I was so happy with the great leaf clean up thank you guys so much

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This company is professional and very efficient. They showed up to help me do fall cleanup. I have 9 acres, they were in and out in three hours! I rarely write these reviews, but I highly recommend Jordan and his crew!

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August 1, 2023

Fili property maintenance Co. Top notch!! I had some stone put down in my flower garden. Jordan, Zach, Bob and Bud did an excellent job!! Would recommend for all of your landscaping needs!! Thanks again Jordan.

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