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How to fix standing water issues in your lawn | Landscape Drainage Contractor Ohio

Standing water in lawns ruins most landscaping in Ohio. It brings a whole lot of other problems with it like puddles, breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and wet patches that cause mud tracks into the house. The problem can even escalate to water seepage, ruining your home’s foundation.

Common Issues Due To Standing Water & Ways To Fix It

Poor Draining Soils & Hard Sub-Soil

Most people fail to understand the soil type in their lawns. So before doing landscaping in Ohio, get the soil tested. Water gets trapped, especially in clay soils, and causes wet patches.

  • Break it Up: Use organic matter like organic mulch – bark, woodchips, etc. that breaks down over time and compost to amend the soil. It will open the ‘soil’ up and enhance groundwater absorption.
  • Digging: Hard sub-soils, if less than 2 feet thick, wait for a dry spell, use a shovel, and dig it. If you can’t do it yourself, hire professionals who offer landscape drainage services in Canton. They use specialized drills to fix the issue.Drainage Solutions Louisville, Ohio

Grass can make it hard to access the clay soil, and it’s trickier to handle. So you must pick a landscape drainage contractor to deal with the issue.

Low Spots

If your property is at the foothills, the problem of ‘Low Spots’ can occur in your lawn. Other than this, excess rain, uneven terrain, or improper leveling can cause it. The matter can get severe with water seeping through the foundation of your house.

  • Land Leveling: Employ qualified exterior drainage contractor, Ohio, to level the land before landscaping for uniform distribution of water and to avoid low spots.
  • Grading: Create slops outward, around the foundation of your house so that water runs-off towards alleyway or storm sewer. Also, make a proper angle in your lawn, so that water drains correctly.
  • French Drains: Create a trench filled with gravels, sloping down towards the exit points like a storm drain or dry well.

Improper Grading & Drainage Installations

Water is extremely destructive if not managed properly. Improper grading and drainage installation are the top reason for structural damage. Even 90% of trees get irreversibly damaged due to it.

Further, it can cause water runoffs to neighbor property, streets, and storm-drains that can land you in trouble with the authorities. So, get permission first from your local Department of Public Works for such activities.

It is always better to use a professional yard drainage contractor to install proper drainage solutions or execute grading/re-grading.

High Water Table

A high water table is not an easy issue to manage. A fully saturated level of subsurface soil and rock makes it difficult for rainwater to seep through.

You have to work around the problem

  • Add layers of soil to create raised beds
  • Start landscaping with shallow-rooted plants that can survive these wet conditions


Standing water with leaf litter and plant debris can clog your lawns resulting in the ‘Thatch’ problem. You can either use a rake, vertical mower or a dethatcher to remove it.

For the best results, get in touch with a landscape drainage company to ‘de-thatch’ and do lawn aeration for making soil healthy. At Fili Property Maintenance, we have experts to identify the cause of your drainage problem and fix it properly. Talk to us at 330-904-4196 today for the best solutions.

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