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How much do professional lawn care services cost in Canton, Ohio?

Nearly thirtytwo percent of American homeowners lack knowledge or do not get time to maintain their lawns by themselves. Are you having a hard time managing your yard too?

You should consider hiring professional lawn care services who are skilled and can take care of your yard. Whether you need landscaping, yard maintenance, planting services, patios & walkways, a professional lawn care Canton company can help you do it right. A well-maintained lawn and a tastefully landscaped garden not only beautify your home but also increases your property’s market value, if you are looking to sell.

Cost of professional lawn care services

Lawn care services in Canton, Ohio can cost you somewhere between $22 to $125. A professional lawn care service can vary as per the size of the yard, the local labor rates, and the type of service you want. Activities like surface preparation, lawn care components & machinery, and clean up fees can be extra. Notably, projects like edging and mulching are additional costs under lawn care services.

The below table will give you clarity on the average cost of professional lawn care services in Canton, Ohio.

Lawn care services Rate as per The average range of cost
Mowing Visit and size of the Lawn $ 35 – $ 85
Seeding Size of the Lawn $ 500 – $ 900
Fertilization Size of  Lawn and type of fertilizer $ 99 – $ 400
Leaf Removal Blowing / Vacuuming $ 150 – $ 250
Aeration Type of Aeration & size of lawn $ 75 – $ 175
Sprinkler System Repair & Maintenance Repair and replacement of sprinkler heads & valves $ 100 – $ 300

Learn more about the essential lawn care services that you will need:

Mowing Services:

The type of grass installed determines the frequency of visits needed to maintain the lawn. These services also include weed whipping and blowing off all patio & walkways, and driveways. Services like bagging the grass and stick edging are additional.


It must be done in the Fall season. You can save up to $200 if you do yourself, but a lack of right knowledge about seeds can harm your lawn’s outlook.


It must be done at least four times a year. You can choose the type of fertilizer – organic or synthetic, as well as decide how to apply – in granules or sprayed.

Leaf Removal:

It is a time consuming but necessary task, so go for professional lawn care services only. In case you choose to vacuum for leaf removal, get it chopped so it can be used as mulch for the flowerbeds.


It is best to do aeration in the Spring season. These services are of different types – core aeration, spike aeration, and liquid aeration. Hire a professional lawn care services to get your lawn inspected to choose the best kind of service your lawn needs. Inspection charges are additional.

Sprinkler System Repair & Maintenance:

This cost depends upon the number of sprinklers that need maintenance. Replacing a sprinkler head costs around $2.50 to $18 for the most types. The labor charges can vary from $50 to $100 per hour as per the region.

At Fili Property Maintenance, we walk you through the entire estimate to help you understand the expenses. Talk to us at 330-904-4196 today for an affordable professional lawn care service estimate.

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