Getting Your Lawn Ready for Summer

While ‘Spring’ is still in full bloom, you must start to prepare your backyard and lawn for ‘Summer.’ The needs of each lawn depend on how well your lawn is maintained. In the summer, you may need services like crabgrass removal, de-weeding, mulching, or cleanup for the next season and replanting. With expert lawn care Canton companies, you can do it with ease. Here are five things that you can do to get your lawn ready for the summer.

Prepare the garden beds and plants

Spring is the time to make the layout for what plants and flowers you want to plant in the summer. Properly prepare your lawn with new soil to sow plant seedlings and transplants. Further, remove those plants that will not survive the winter and summer heat. You can also hire professional planting services in Ohio to help you identify weaker plants and help plant full sun perennials or partial shade perennials.

Take care of your lawn

A lawn needs extra care during summers. By late spring, crabgrass can start sprouting in your garden. All they need is bare soil, water, and sunlight. They quickly dominate your yard as they grow faster than the grass. It can infect your garden beds and plants. If you notice the early signs of weeds, hire a lawn care company in Canton to assist you. They can help you with the successful application of crabgrass preventer. They can water, weed, replant, and overhaul your yard to keep it in perfect shape.

Give a fresh look to the Patio

A patio is a place where you can enjoy your garden in summer. If you are planning to spend a relaxing day on the Patio or have a backyard get together, then clean your Patio, wipe down, and fix your stored away patio furniture. You can also engage a skilled landscaping service in Canton to power wash and decorate your Patio with some beautiful flowerpots.

Consider adding lighting

Summer is the time to enjoy the comfortable space of your backyard, especially during those beautiful summer evenings. By adding some fixed, hanging, or solar lights, you can make your lawn a delightful place for an evening hangout. You can also consult a lawn care company in Canton to add some night flowers like Moonflowers, Night Gladiolus, Casablanca Lily in your lawn to elevate the ambiance.

Prune trees properly and water wisely

In summer, lawns generally need one inch of water per week and more during severe heat. It is better to water deeply than frequently so that your grass does not grow brown or dormant. Also, consider hiring a lawn care company in Canton to perform mulching. Do not forget to prune the shrubs and trees as well.

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