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How much does it cost to mulch your flower beds in Canton, Ohio?

Mulching means placing a protective layer of material on the soil of your garden. Mulching in gardens with flower beds makes it attractive and also helps the soil to retain moisture and stay weed-free. If you are planning for mulch installation in your garden, take a look at the costs.

Mulching Installation costs

Most lawn care Canton companies charge a flat rate for mulching services as per the square feet area. So for a 500 square feet space, it can cost you somewhere between $100 to $500 depending upon the type of mulching service. For example, for setting up three inches of mulch layer and the labor cost for installation ($55 to $75 per hour for two crewmen), it would cost you around $200. Additionally, you also need to take into account the cost of weed fabric barrier and edging of mulch beds that varies with lawn care services.

1 cubic yard of mulch covers 100 sq.ft. at 3 inches depth.

With most lawn care services in Ohio, the average cost of mulching per yard begins from $30, but they don’t say anything about delivery charges. The delivery fee per yard can range from $20 to $70. Similarly, to get delivery of a truckload of mulch (area covered 2,000 sq ft), you need to cash out at least $160 more as the delivery fee. However, the more you order, the less it costs.

For example, at one of the service providers (Rohr & Sons Nursery, Jackson Township,) the most popular mulch costs you $26 / yard. For 1 yard with the delivery fee, it will cost you $ 1.88/ft. But if you mulch for 2 yards, the cost drops to $1.42/ft.

The cost of mulching your flower beds not only depends upon the size but also on the type of mulch you use. Lawn care services can guide you better with the kind of mulch best suited for your flower beds.

Details of types of mulch with the average cost of installation per cubic yard:


Name The average cost per cubic yard
Pine / Haystraw $30 – $ 40
Shredded Hardwood $ 35 – $ 45
Bark $ 40 – $ 90
Hemlock $ 45 – $ 65
Redwood $ 60 – $75
Cedar / Cypress $100 – $ 110
Wood Chips $ 140 – $ 150


Name The average cost per cubic yard
Rubber $ 10 – $ 20
Plastic $ 20 – $ 30
Rocks $ 25 – $ 55

For a little garden with small flower beds, it is better to go for a bag of mulch as compared to large yards with patios & walkways.

Check some samples of price comparisons for buying branded mulch by the bag or in bulk. The per cubic foot delivered price includes an average $25 delivery charge.

  • Scott’s Brown Mulch $3.99/bag, 2 cubic feet $2.00
  • Preen Brown Mulch $4.47/bag, 2 cubic feet $2.23
  • Royal Garden hardwood mulch $4.48/bag, 3 cubic feet $1.49

At Fili Property Maintenance, we believe getting flower beds to look good takes serious work. Whatever type of mulch you need, you can find it with us at affordable rates. Reach out to our lawn care services online or talk to us at 330-904-4196 to get a free estimate on mulching today.

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