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Maintaining Your Property Year-Round in Northeast Ohio 

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Let’s face it – lawn care and landscaping is not a one-and-done task. Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your beautiful yard due to lack of proper maintenance. Each season comes with its changes in climate, sunlight, humidity levels, and soil nutrients. Needless to say, your lawn and landscaping elements are sensitive to these factors. Therefore, year-round property maintenance and lawn care are important to improve its health and keep it looking awesomely beautiful…always. 

Whether you want to maintain your lawn during summer, bring it back to life in the spring, or button it up aesthetically in the fall – Fili Property Maintenance has the experience and skills to provide year-round services. 

Types of Year-Round Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance

Continual landscape maintenance and lawn care are important to keep it looking amazing both on an aesthetic and functional level. Lack of proper upholding as the season changes can cause watering problems, root damage, imbalance in soil’s pH levels, and other issues that can significantly impact the beauty and health of your landscape. 

Keeping this mind, you should hire a professional landscaping company like us for ongoing maintenance work. This involves cleaning and maintaining your property once a season ends, and sprucing it up for the forthcoming season. Fili Property Maintenance has the resources and expertise to perform an array of lawn care and landscape maintenance services that are important throughout the year. 

  • Spring Cleanup 

After the harsh winter months comes the fresh and vibrant spring. It is the time for beautiful May flowers and lush greenery. But is your lawn prepped up to welcome the spring? A thorough cleanup is important so that you can enjoy a spring-ready, beautiful property without any stress. 

There are numerous aspects of spring cleaning and only a professional can take care of your needs efficiently. Our spring cleanup services include: 

  • Cleaning and removing branches, leaves and debris from the property 
  • Composting garden debris and hauling away the clutter 
  • Mowing the grass
  • Cleaning and edging the flower beds and borders of the lawn  
  • Trimming and pruning shrubs and trees 
  • Aeration 
  • Re-seeding the damaged areas of the yard 
  • Lawn Care 

Regular lawn care and maintenance are vital to keeping your yard in the first-class shape all year long. A beautiful lawn enhances the value of your property and therefore, our licensed specialists provide dedicated lawn care services that include: 

  • Mowing/edging: Mowing renders a refined appeal and crisp edge to the driveways, curbs, and walkways. It is a fantastic way to get rid of unwanted debris and long-grown grass from the lawn and make it look spic and span. We specialize in a variety of mowing services, including mulch mowing, commercial mowing, catcher mowing, acreage & large area mowing, and end-of-tenancy cleanup and mowing. 
  • Lawn aeration and re-seeding: Cold winter months, drought, insect damage or wear & tear can cause ugly bare spots in your lawn, affecting its curb appeal. Proper aeration and re-seeding can help enhance your yard’s density, making it look lush and fuller all over again.
  • Weed removal & fertilization: Whatever be the season, weeds are persistent problems for your lawn. They can significantly affect soil health and also affect its beauty. Effective weed removal, using the right techniques and safe chemicals, is an integral part of gardening and ensures proper lawn care. 

Furthermore, fertilization is an important aspect of year-round lawn maintenance – a process that enriches the soil with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other micronutrients. Lawn care experts like Fili Property Maintenance have expert knowledge of using the best techniques and products that help improve the overall health of your lawn.       

Mulch and stone are new additions in landscaping and help to add a professional touch to your garden. These keep the flower beds weed-free and looking beautiful all-year-round. However, before using mulch or stone, it is important to clean all deteriorated weeds and debris from the existing flower beds, use a weed barrier fabric or chemical, and choose the right variety of mulch/stone that suits the soil condition. 

Mulch helps retain moisture and essential nutrients into the soil, helping grow fresh and beautiful plants and flowers. It also keeps the plants cool by absorbing maximum sunlight. On the contrary, the stone is a one-time investment and ensures long-term savings. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping while protecting it from pesky weeds.   

Pruning and shaping is an integral part of landscaping. With proper and timely trimming, your shrubs and bushes will enjoy improved strength and good health.  There are several advantages of pruning and shaping your trees and shrubs: 

  • Helps improve its structural strength 
  • Trims the outgrown branches to allow abundant sunlight and aid in improved growth
  • Minimizes the likelihood of diseases 
  • Increases lifespan 
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your landscaping 

However, pruning requires expertise and knowledge of the right time and techniques, which vary from one plant to another. Therefore, you should consider consulting a certified arborist who can guide you with the best solutions. 

Post fall, your lawn may look shabby and nasty, cluttered with raking leaves, broken sticks, and branches, debris, etc. It requires a thorough clean up before you can prepare the garden for chilled winter months. Professional fall cleanup services may include: 

  • Cleaning leaf debris and composting 
  • Fall season weed control 
  • Pruning bushes and shrubs 
  • Mulching/grass clippings 
  • Cleaning up organic decays and debris 
  • Fall fertilization 
  • Reseeding for seasonal flowers 
  • Leaf Removal

Fall in Northeast Ohio is the onset of cold weather, adding an awe-inspiring touch to nature with colorful foliage. But it also brings with it additional lawn care and cleaning work. When the leaves start shedding, they can make your beautiful garden look messy. Fallen leaves, if not cleaned promptly, can grow mold and damage your mulch and plants. When leaves cover the flowerbeds and grass, they prevent the plants from getting the air, sunlight, and water necessary for optimum growth.   

For quick and efficient leaf removal, you need a professional who can help save your time and hassles in leaf removal. With thorough cleaning, we will spruce up your property for the winter and ensure it stays healthy all year through. Our leaf removal expertise involves:

  • Leaf raking 
  • Leaf vacuuming 
  • Leaf blowing 
  • Leaf removal, disposal and composting   
  • Pre-winter Fertilization 

Harsh winter is the toughest time for your lawns and therefore, ensuring that your plants and grass survive through the cold months is vital. Luckily, “winterize” can help prepare the lawn for winter months and provide essential nutrients to keep the soil healthy all through. Winterizer is also known as winter fertilizer, which contains a variety of ingredients, particularly water-soluble Nitrogen. 

Pre-winter fertilization preps up your lawn for the winter and allows the grass and plants to store enough food to survive through the cold. It also promotes the rooting and growth of plants and greener grass in the spring. Knowing the right type of pre-winter fertilizer for your lawn and the best time to apply the same is important.     

We have decades of experience in lawn care, landscaping, and property maintenance; so you can rest back and relax knowing that your lawn is in good hands. We will thoroughly inspect your lawn condition, type, and quality of grass, and then implement the best pre-winter fertilization technique. This helps ensure that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful all through the year, even when the nights are freezing cold.  

Regularly trimming your trees can prevent branches from growing in the interior, allowing abundant sunlight to keep the trees growing healthily. This also protects the trees from potential pests and diseases. When trees begin to outgrow, they are likely to fall off easily during a windstorm. We can handle the seasonal tree trimming needs of our clients in Northeast Ohio. 

We also specialize in cutting down and hauling away diseased and old trees from your property. 

Snow and ice, when not removed properly, can wreak havoc on your property. Fili Property Maintenance provides expert snow and ice removal services to keep your property safe and landscaping looking amazing in winter and all year round. We also provide snow shoveling and snow blowing services to keep your patios, decks, and walkways clear of ice and snow. 

Other Property Maintenance & Lawn Care Essentials  

To ensure your property is in good shape and looks stunning always, it is crucial to keep certain other maintenance essentials in mind. Our specialist team also provides the following lawn care and maintenance services all year round:

  • Planting 
  • Tree and stump removal 
  • Light excavation like land clearing, utility lines, grading or re-sloping 
  • Drainage 
  • Hardscaping like retaining walls, patios, etc. 
  • Scrap and debris haul away 


Putting money and time into your lawn is definitely worth the investment. Precise care of your lawn and year-round property maintenance can spruce it up for every season, keeping it healthy and looking spectacular always. However, with so many steps involved, it can be tricky maintaining your lawn all year through. Fortunately, Fili Property Maintenance can help with professional and tailored year-round property maintenance and lawn care services. 

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