How to fix brown patches in your lawn?

Brown patches can be a real eyesore and make your beautiful lawn look dull. Once a brown spot appears in any part of your lawn, it spreads rapidly to larger areas. These are very damaging and can destroy large areas of the turf. To treat the brown patches in your yard, you must first identify the cause. Knowing the exact cause of brown patches can quickly help you get rid of them.

What are the causes of Brown Patches?

There could be several factors causing brown patches in lawns. A local landscaping services provider in Ohio can help you treat and maintain your lawn. Here are the probable factors that caused brown patches.

1. Fungus

The brown fungal patches usually occur because of unfavorable weather conditions and the kind turf-grass. Extremely rainy or humid conditions are the leading cause of the growth of fungal infections, which leads to the appearance of brown patches in your lawn. Lack of sunlight can also be a cause of fungal outbreaks.

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2. Grubs

Grubs are another damaging factor that causes brown patches on your lawn. They eat the roots of the grass leading to the formation of brown spots, which also widen with time.

3. Dog’s urine burn

If you are a dog owner, then you will understand the struggles of brown patches in your lawn. Dog’s urine burns the grass and causes brown patches. A dog’s urine contains a large amount of nitrogen, which causes these brown spots.

How can you get rid of brown patches?

Prevention is better than cure! Taking proper care of your lawn is essential to make sure it is beautiful and without any unwanted patches.

Controlled use of fertilizer

Avoid using excess fertilizer in your lawn. We would suggest you minimize the use of fertilizers during hot and humid weather conditions.

Maintaining water quantity in the lawn

Watering your lawn early in the morning is advised by many experts. Early morning watering gives enough time to the grass to dry out by nightfall.

Proper air circulation

Lack of air circulation is another cause of brown patches. Providing proper air circulation to the lawn by aerating and detaching it can control the formation of brown patches.

Applying fungicides

Using fungicides in your lawn is suggested only when there is a dire need for it. You can buy quality fungicides from your local lawn care service provider in Canton.


It is another common way of preventing brown patches. There are varieties of grasses that are resistant to fungus. You can top-seed the top layer of your lawn with such fungus-resistant grasses.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, going out isn’t safe. Despite this, you can still get help regarding the brown patches on your lawn. You can hire lawn care services in Canton, Ohio, for help. We at Fili property maintenance offer professional lawn care services and help treat brown patch issues. Get in touch with us at 330-904-4196 for more information.


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