How to give your garden a spring makeover?

With no vacation plans due to COVID-19, are you feeling stuck at home? You can utilize this time to turn your garden into a beautiful oasis. Give your lawn a spring makeover! You can also hire a professional planting service in Canton, Ohio

 Ready to turn the backyard into a relaxing, soothing space full of greenery and flowers? Here are some gardening ideas to give your garden a spring makeover.

Plant Perennials

These flowers do not need replanting as they go dormant in winter and bloom back in springs. Add bright, cheerful double blooming ‘Daffodils,’ fern-like ‘Pasque,’ and multiple varieties of ‘Tulips,’ with other perennials like begonias, irises, daylilies, and many more to supplement your spring variety. If you are a newbie in gardening, hire planting services in Canton, Ohio, or a lawn care company skilled in flower planting in Canton to guide you in planting perennials.

Spring Variety

Plant spring flowers with different blooming cycles with the perennials to create a floral diversity in your garden. From ‘Hellebore,’ a delicate beauty but a surprisingly resilient flower that can tolerate light frost to ‘Pink Discovery Azalea,’ a colorful flower that blooms from spring to summer, you can create spring variety of flower planting in Canton. You can also add some ‘Virginia Bluebells’ that spreads and pops-ups beautifully between perennials.

flower planting in canton

Build a retreat for Wildlife

A garden is incomplete without the humming bees, tweeting birds, racing squirrels, and other wildlife visits. With the help of professional planting services in Canton, Ohio, you can create a retreat for Wildlife in your garden. You can also take their help in making a pollinator-friendly garden with some bird-friendly features like bird feeders and birdbaths.

Create a home vegetable garden

During this pandemic, many people have discovered the fragility of food supply chains. Many newcomers have shown a willingness to create a home vegetable garden. There is no better time than ‘Spring’ to start growing your food. You can start your little farm in the backyard with the help of planting services in Canton, Ohio. You can also create a patio or balcony garden for a steady stream of veggies by hiring able landscaping or lawn services in Canton.

Create relaxing outdoor living space

To complete your spring makeover, add some relaxing garden furniture or lawn chairs so that you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of your garden. You can also engage qualified lawn services in Canton to build an outdoor living space to enjoy this private retreat with your friends and family together.

Plant a tree

The spring makeover is incomplete without a tree. Planting a tree will not only give beauty and shade but also add privacy in your garden. A tree can be your legacy that stays with your family as a remembrance, long after you have gone. With the support of tree plantating services in Canton, Ohio, you can easily maintain and care for them round the year.

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