How to water your garden properly

Whether it is winter frost or summer heat, both can be devastating for your gardens. If you are a novice in gardening, flower planting in Canton, especially in ‘Spring,’ can be a tricky job. It is always better to hire a professional planting service in Canton, Ohio, to keep your garden free of weeds, diseases, and insects throughout the year.

Whether it is a vegetable garden in your backyard or a flower garden in your front yard, gardening can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. One of the essential aspects of gardening is to learn how to water your garden correctly. Watering excessively or not enough, can affect the lustrous natural growth of your plants. You can hire professional lawn services in Canton to help you water plants and avoid pitfalls like root decay or dehydration. Here are some watering tips for you.

#1. Deep Root Watering: 

A garden full of grass needs to be watered at least 30-40 minutes per section for 2 to 3 times a week, particularly in Canton, Ohio. It allows water to seep down to the root system and promote deep root growth. For plants, always water at the base, not the leaves. When you water from above, the water sits on leaves, making your plants susceptible to fungus and the roots dehydrated.

#2. Avoid frequent light watering:

Mostly, people who are not using any professional planting services in Canton for gardening often make the mistake of sprinkling water at regular intervals. This frequent light watering damages the plants and makes them grow weak with shallow roots. So, water less frequently but more deeply to help your plants get the nutrients properly.

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#3. Different planting types have different water needs:

Just like the water needs of different plants varies, the types of planting further affects the plant’s water needs. Plants and flowerbeds in the garden need to be watered less frequently than those in containers. Flower pots and planters retain heat. They absorb moisture from soil more than the plants and flowerbeds on the ground.

To check if the plants in your flower pots and planters need water, push your index finger inside the soil and feel the moisture. If it feels dry, then your plants are thirsty.

Further, by hiring professional flower planting services in Canton, you can learn a lot more about which plants flourish in flower beds and which grows well in flower pots.

#4. Cover bases of plants with mulch:

Mulching allows the soil to absorb water and prevent water evaporation. By covering the bases of plants with mulch, not only it helps in water conservation but also discourages weeds from invading your flowerbeds. It is better to hire a professional planting service in Canton, Ohio, or lawn services in Canton to do mulching appropriately.

A great healthy garden takes ‘Time’ and ‘Patience.’ If you need to reseed after the summer heat or get amazing landscaping done, always hire professional lawn services in Canton. At Fili property maintenance, we offer extensive lawn care services and help maintain your garden. You can get in touch with us at 330-904-4196 for more information.



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